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Microwave Illness

What is Microwave Sickness?

Microwave sickness is an illness that comes from the exposure to microwaves like wifi, mobile phone radiation, antennas, masts, Bluetooth, 5G, and other radio frequencies.

Other words for the same condition is EMFIS, EHS, EMF syndrome, microwave syndrome, microwave illness, or radiation sickness.

A new word being used is electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS).

The media often names the condition the Havanna syndrome because diplomats in Havanna got ill from RF (radio frequencies).

microwave sickness

Microwave Sickness has been known since the beginning of the cold war, and is a term originally used by the military.

More and more people are getting ill of wireless technologies because the amount of exposure increases.

Microwave sickness

On this site you can read about microwave sickness.

- You will get the latest news about the science on wireless radiation and how it affects the body.

- You will also get tips on how to live with microwave sickness and how you can reduce the exposure to wireless radiation in your life.

Image of microwave sickness

Read about microwave sickness symptoms here.


ICD-11 for Mortality and Morbidity Statistics (ICD-11 MMS)

Exposure to other non-ionizing radiation.

Read about how wireless radiation can harm the body and brain here.

Learn about the mechanisms behind microwave sickness.

Read about symptoms of microwave sickness from the brain here.

How does wireless affect the brain?

Can wireless technologies cause infertility?

Read more here!


Microwave sickness

Harm from wireless radiation is a violation on human rights.

Read more here!

Image of microwave sickness

Read about scientists` and doctors`oppinion on wifi in schools and about how it can harm.

Image of a woman crying about the pressure she feels from political interests.

Read about how political interests can have an influence on science.


Image of 5G radiation

Read more about 5G here!

Image of microwave sickness

People who suffer from microwave sickness tell their story here!

How do I reduce the exposure to wireless radiation?

Read about how you can use technology in a safer way.

Tips on how to live with microwave sickness.

Microwave sickness

Science on wireless radiation and how it affects the human body and brain.

Links to science.

Video links.

Real or fake science?

What’s the difference between real- world signals or simulated exposure?

News on EMF science and microwave sickness.


What does independent science say about wifi and is it an envionmental stressor?

Lab test on bacteria and EMFs

How does wireless affect bacteria?

The heart

How can EMFs affect the heart?


Watch the documentary:

The Earthing Movie

Art and Poems

Read poems and look at art here

microwave sickness

What is microwave sickness?

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Microwave Sickness

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