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November 28 2023 Arthur Firstenberg
President (Cellular Phone Task Force) writes:

“In mid-October 2019, the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project (MFBRP), in cooperation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the State of Hawai’i, The Nature Conservancy, the American Bird Conservancy, Pacific Bird Conservation, and San Diego Zoo Global, attached VHF radio transmitters to the legs of 10 kiwikiu before releasing them into the Nakula Natural Area Reserve, on the southern slope of Haleakalā volcano.

The birds — some captive-raised and some wild — were released into the forest between October 27 and October 30, 2019. By November 16, every bird was dead except the three who had succeeded in removing or disabling their transmitter. The details are shocking.”


Read the full text here:




kiwikiu bird

The International Declaration on the Human Rights of Children in the Digital Age


By Americans for Responsible Technology and BroadBand International Legal Action Network

The International Declaration on the Human Rights of Children in the Digital Age

Supplementing the 1959 U.N. Declaration on the Rights of the Child

Addressed to: the Secretary General of the U.N., Member States of the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council, the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, UNICEF, UNESCO, the European Council, WHO, and all others responsible for the protection, safety, and wellbeing of children.



The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child guarantees nondiscrimination, devotion to the best interests of the child, the right to life, survival and development, and respect for the views of the child.  Other international appeals recognize additional or supplemental rights of children, such as the European Union Action on the Rights of the Child, and the Reykjavik Appeal on Wireless Technology in Schools. 


The existence of the legal rights of children is well recognized, but not adequately or uniformly enforced, especially when those rights conflict with powerful commercial interests. In this document we set out three fundamental legal rights of children regarding the deployment and use of technology: their right to be free from intentionally addictive devices, platforms and apps; their right to be free from harmful exposures to radiation; and their right to be free from commercial exploitation. 


The legal duty to protect children and enforce these rights on their behalf is the obligation of all adults, particularly parents, legal guardians and others in positions of authority. This protection of children is a basic legal principle that we believe will increasingly be recognized as a part of international customary law that can be recognized and implemented by every country on Earth. 


Screen Time Addiction

  • Social media platforms are intentionally designed with algorithms to encourage addiction of young people and children.

  • The harmful effects of excess screen time are well documented in the scientific literature, including mental health disorders, addiction, depression, anxiety, memory loss, increasing rates of suicide, loss of sleep, learning disorders, irritability, anger, and other behavioral changes, cyberbullying and harassment. 

  • The duty of care of corporate social media platform owners and operators is clear; the harms are foreseeable; the causal link between screen time addiction and consequent harms is recognized even by the social media platform owners and operators themselves who provide devices to monitor this exposure; there are few if any warnings to parents and children of the dangers; millions of children are being harmed, and their families disrupted.

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued warnings regarding safe screen time for children under 3 years of age, and also for teenagers. These warnings are repeated by the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. They are being ignored.

Involuntary Exposure to Non-Ionizing Radiation (NIR)

  • A large and growing body of independent, peer-reviewed scientific studies demonstrates that man-made NIR has adverse biological effects.

  • There is an urgent need to understand better the correlation of exposure to NIR with biological effects, including acute effects such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, insomnia, lack of concentration, and brain fog, as well as chronic effects including DNA damage and cancer; these physical effects are negatively synergistic with screen time addiction.

  • The growing number of wireless devices in and near homes, schools, daycare centers, and workplaces, together with supporting infrastructure, is increasing children’s continuous and cumulative radiation exposure from: cell phones, laptops, tablets, computers, routers, gaming consoles, wearables, internet of things, smart meters, robots, small cell and macro towers, satellite base stations. 

  • Government agencies have set maximum recommended NIR exposure limits based on decades-old assumptions (e.g., only thermal heating of cells is bioactive, and that maximum exposure levels to adults also apply to children) that do not protect children.

  • Neither NIR exposure levels nor their related health impacts on children are being monitored, thus leaving parents, healthcare practitioners, and governments uninformed about the current dangers to health as well as impact on future generations. 

  • Misleading claims of safe exposure levels made by governmental regulatory bodies and advisory bodies such as ICNIRP are amplified by the media and the purveyors of these wireless devices and services. 


Commercial Exploitation 

  • Confidential and private personal information concerning children is being monetized by data harvesters, in most countries without the informed consent of parents, guardians, and other responsible persons in direct violation of national and international policies, laws, and regulations that protect the privacy of children. 

  • The accelerating development and ubiquitous deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) raises profound ethical questions that need to be urgently examined concerning the potential risks to children.

  • In most countries, many parents lack up-to-date and accurate information about the potential exploitation of their children resulting from exposure to digital devices and are thus unable to take effective action to protect their children from these risks. 


Recognizing Further:

  • The urgent need to investigate, control, and embargo imports of electronic components and products containing minerals extracted by enforced child labor under dehumanizing conditions.

  • The importance of adopting the Precautionary Principle as an operative and applicable guideline for providing safe learning environments for children.

  • The importance of promoting the goal of safety as an overriding priority when it comes to exposing children to NIR environments. 


Now therefore, the undersigned endorse and strongly advocate that the following principles and actions be immediately adopted by national and local governments and legislators, and by administrators in public and private schools around the world as constituting wise and best practices:

  • We recognize that children have a fundamental human right to be free from intentionally addictive devices, platforms, and apps, the right to be free from harmful exposure to radiation, and the right to be free from commercial exploitation.

  • We urge the immediate adoption and implementation of standards regarding children’s exposure to, and use of, social media, gaming and other platforms that encourage addiction; and further demand that advertisements aimed at increasing screen time for children be curtailed.

  • We call upon government officials to establish health-based NIR exposure standards, and incentivize best engineering solutions that are protective of health, especially for children and pregnant women.

  • We further call on school administrators to create safe learning environments that are free from or involve minimal exposure to NIR, utilizing best available monitoring technologies. 

  • We strongly recommend broad public education on the unique health risks of continued exposure of children to addictive and harmful platforms and potentially dangerous levels of radiation, and the legal fiduciary obligations of administrators to discharge these responsibilities. 

  • We urgently appeal to physicians and other health care providers to inform themselves and receive professional training in behavioral and physical problems related to screen time, and the new medical discipline of clinical electromagnetics. 

  • We believe that the burden of proof of safety must shift to the manufacturers and purveyors of NIR-emitting devices.

  • We seek financial support and compensation for families with children evidencing serious electrohypersensitivity, and that these costs be paid for by wireless telecom purveyors, pursuant to the 1972 OECD “Polluter Pays Principle.”

  • We support collaborative innovation among technology providers to significantly reduce NIR emissions from wireless products and to compete on safety.

  • We strongly encourage innovative ways to finance this fundamental and evolutionary shift in public conscience and awareness.

We call on people of good will everywhere to express their urgent appeals for the protection of children and future generations by signing this Declaration and supporting legal and other protective actions embodying its spirit.


Read more or sign the declaration:

Link: https://www.thechildrensdeclaration.org/the-declaration


“On December 29, 2022, the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) sued the U.S. Federal Communications Commission over its decision to approve SpaceX’s application for up to 30,000 more low-orbit satellites, in addition to the 12,000 already approved and in process of filling our skies. This is Case No. 22-1337 before the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, and has not yet been decided by the court.”

Read the full text here:





IPhone 12 withdrawn in France

15 September 2023

Breaking news

The iPhone 12 has been withdrawn in France. The mobile phone does not comply with the limit safety standards.

Link: https://lnkd.in/dcRZ2HsF

The limit standards for mobile phone radiation are set to protect consumers against harmful effects that occur acutely.

Phonegate Alert revealed in the year 2015 that 9/10 mobile phones exceed these safety limits.

The international committee for the radiation safety of radio equipment, ICNIRP, has set the standards for how much mobile phones should radiate. ICNIRP is financed by the telecommunication industry.

This would be equivalent to if the tobacco industry set their own safety standards for the use of tobacco. 

Independent research concludes that the safety standards ​​for mobile phone radiation is far too high.

Most mobile phone manuals read that the mobile phone must be kept a few centimeters away from the body during conversations.


Study finds increase in brain tumors in South Korea and correlates it with cell phone use

26 April 2023


An epidemiological study was recently carried out by researcher Jinyoung Moon*, with the aim of establishing a potential correlation between the exposure of the population to radiation emitted by mobile phones and the observed increase in certain types of brain tumors in South Korea. The results, published in early March 2023 in the journal Environmental Research , confirm the international upward trend seen in other countries such as France, with a fourfold increase in 30 years in glioblastomas (the most serious cancer of the brain).


Study Probes Connection Between Excessive Screen Media Activity and Mental Health Problems in Youth

21 Martz 2023


“Smartphones, tablets, gaming systems, and other screen devices have become a major temptation for people of all ages, but a new study is focusing on the possible connection between excessive screen media activity and mental health problems in youth.”




Wireless technologies, non-ionizing electromagnetic fields and children: Identifying and reducing health risks

2 February 2023

“Children today are conceived and live in a sea of wireless radiation that did not exist when their parents were born. The launch of the digital age continues to transform the capacity to respond to emergencies and extend global communications. At the same time that this increasingly ubiquitous technology continues to alter the nature of commerce, medicine, transport and modern life overall, its varied and changing forms have not been evaluated for their biological or environmental impacts. Standards for evaluating radiation from numerous wireless devices were first set in 1996 to avoid heating tissue and remain unchanged since then in the U.S. and many other nations. A wide range of evidence indicates that there are numerous non-thermal effects from wireless radiation on reproduction, development, and chronic illness. Many widely used devices such as phones and tablets function as two-way microwave radios, sending and receiving various frequencies of information-carrying microwave radiation on multiple simultaneously operating antennas. Expert groups advising governments on this matter do not agree on the best approaches to be taken. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limited screen time for children under the age of two, but more than half of all toddlers regularly have contact with screens, often without parental engagement. Young children of parents who frequently use devices as a form of childcare can experience delays in speech acquisition and bonding, while older children report feelings of disappointment due to ‘technoference’—parental distraction due to technology. Children who begin using devices early in life can become socially, psychologically and physically addicted to the technology and experience withdrawal upon cessation. We review relevant experimental, epidemiological and clinical evidence on biological and other impacts of currently used wireless technology, including advice to include key questions at pediatric wellness checkups from infancy to young adulthood. We conclude that consistent with advice in pediatric radiology, an approach that recommends that microwave radiation exposures be As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) seems sensible and prudent, and that an independently-funded training, research and monitoring program should be carried out on the long term physical and psychological impacts of rapidly changing technological milieu, including ways to mitigate impacts through modifications in hardware and software. Current knowledge of electrohypersensitivity indicates the importance of reducing wireless exposures especially in schools and health care settings.”



Problems in evaluating the health impacts of radio frequency radiation

28 February 2023



There is a plethora of both experimental and epidemiological evidence establishing a causal relationship between EMF and cancer and other adverse health effects including adverse effects on fetal development and the endocrine system. Increases in biochemical alterations such as DNA damage, increased production of free radicals and other signals found to be predictive of cancer and other degenerative diseases have been clearly demonstrated.”



5G Has Its Day in Court

14 February 2023


“A few days ago, I spent a day and a half in Court 73 of the Royal Courts of Justice, listening to a Judicial Review in which Michael Mansfield KC challenged the Government for its “failure to give adequate information to the public about the risks of 5G and to explain the absence of a process for investigation of any adverse health effects”. These  failures are deemed to be in breach of Section 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998 due to positive obligations to protect human life, health and dignity as stated in Articles 2 and 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.”




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Associations Between Infant Screen Use, Electroencephalography Markers, and Cognitive Outcomes

JAMA Pediatr. Published online January 30, 2023

Conclusions and Relevance  

In this study, infant screen use was associated with altered cortical EEG activity before age 2 years; the identified EEG markers mediated the association between infant screen time and executive functions. Further efforts are urgently needed to distinguish the direct association of infant screen use compared with family factors that predispose early screen use on executive function impairments.


Link to the study:


Seminar at the EU parliament

February 2023

Seminar at the EU parliament about 5G and 6G

“At the very end of the meeting, which was organized by the French Greens’ representative Michele Rivasi, the EU’s visions for 6G, the next generation of internet and mobile communication, were presented by the EU Commission’s head of communications technology, Peter Stuckmann. Pernille Schriver from the Danish EHS Association and Europeans for secure connections received a big round of applause from the audience, when she exclaimed:

“Didn’t you understand any of that we just told you?”    “


Image of the EU Parliament logo

Ministry of Heatht of Cyprus


Cyprus Committee on Children and the Environment does it again..

They give information about how you can protect your children from harmful wireless radiation.

Link. English version:

Children learn to protect themselves from mobile phone and tablet radiation - CNCECH 2022

Longitudinal Associations Between Use of Mobile Devices for Calming and Emotional Reactivity and Executive Functioning in Children Aged 3 to 5 Years

December 12, 2022

Conclusions and Relevance  

The findings of this study suggest that the frequent use of mobile devices for calming young children may displace their opportunities for learning emotion-regulation strategies over time; therefore, pediatric health care professionals may wish to encourage alternate calming approaches.



CNN:Giving your child a screen may hinder emotional regulation, study says. Here’s what to do instead

December 12, 2022

CNN writes:

“When you see your 3- to 5-year-old having a tough emotional moment, meaning they are screaming and crying about something, they’re getting frustrated, they might be hitting or kicking or lying on the floor. … If your go-to strategy is to distract them or get them to be quiet by using media, then this study suggests that is not helping them in the long term,” said Radesky, associate professor of behavioral sciences at the University of Michigan Medical School.

There are two problems with distracting with media: It takes away an opportunity to teach the child about how to respond to difficult emotions, and it can reinforce that big displays of their difficult emotions are effective ways to get what they want, Radesky said.

“I’m just going to show big emotions so we can stop what we’re doing, and I can escape this demand,” she said.

The study lines up with the current recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the World Health Organization that children ages 2 to 5 should have very limited screen time, said Dr. Joyce Harrison, associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore.”


WHO and IARC are now both funded by the telecon industry and together with ICNIRP they want to review cancer and 5G.

WHO’s Cancer Research Agency to Assess 5G Health Risks — But Not Until 2025

5 Jan 2023

CHD By Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.

“The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer will participate in a project to assess the health risks of exposure to 5G technologies, but critics accused the agency of ignoring already existing evidence and suggested the results could be tainted by industry partners.”


” Nilsson emphasized that in view of the influential corporate economic interests involved, it is necessary that any risk assessment be performed by scientists that have no ties to the telecom sector or telecom-affiliated corporations.

“However, the IARC is unfortunately no longer a guarantee for such objectivity,” she said, adding:

“The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is by far the largest single voluntary funder of the IARC and such funding probably comes with strings attached.

“Further, IARC’s head of the radiation department, Joachim Schüz, is a well-known risk-denier, in spite of growing evidence to the contrary, who has produced a seriously biased report for the EU-Commission and flawed studies on brain tumor risks from cellphones, funded by telecom companies, such as the Danish Cohort and the Cefalo study.”


“… Nilsson told The Defender the project “looks like a greenwashing project for the rollout of 5G to the benefit of the major corporate stakeholders.”

For instance, Nilsson pointed out, some of SEAWave’s consortia partners — such as Telecom Paris and ITIS — are “of concern” for potentially receiving sponsor funding from 5G stakeholders.”




ICNIRP connections in the new WHO and IARC review on cancer and RF exposure


The WHO task group to review cancer and RF exposure (and 5G)

“Eleven of the 21 people have a current or former association with ICNIRP. Most of the other individuals have published or presented papers defending the ICNIRP limits for RF exposure.”

Not a single one of the 250 EMF scientists who signed the  International EMF Scientist Appeal was selected by the WHO for the Task group. Neither of these researchers was selected to work with the  ten research overviews that the working group will consider. The signatories of the International EMF Scientist Appeal have more than 2,000 EMF publications listed in the EMF-Portal archive.”

Link (multiple language translation on the website):


Case Report: The Microwave Syndrome after Installation of 5G Emphasizes the Need for Protection from Radiofrequency Radiation

10 January 2023

Lennart Hardell1*, Mona Nilsson2


In this case, report two previously healthy persons, a man aged 63 years and a woman aged 62 years, developed
symptoms of the microwave syndrome after installation of a 5G base station for wireless communication on the roof above
their apartment. A base station for previous telecommunication generation technology (3G/4G) was present at the same spot
since several years. Very high radiofrequency (RF) radiation with maximum (highest measured peak value) levels of 354 000,
1 690 000, and >2 500 000 µW/m2 were measured at three occasions in the bedroom located only 5 meters below the new 5G
base station, compared to maximum (peak) 9 000 µW/m2
prior to the 5G deployment. The rapidly emerging symptoms after
the 5G deployment were typical for the microwave syndrome with e.g., neurological symptoms, tinnitus, fatigue, insomnia,
emotional distress, skin disorders, and blood pressure variability. The symptoms were more pronounced in the woman. Due to
the severity of symptoms, the couple left their dwelling and moved to a small office room with maximum (peak) RF radiation
3 500 µW/m2
. Within a couple of days, most of their symptoms alleviated or disappeared completely. This medical history can
be regarded as a classic provocation test. The RF radiation levels in the apartment were well below the limit proposed to be
“safe” below which no health effects would occur, recommended by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation
(ICNIRP). These now presented symptoms of the microwave syndrome were caused by non-thermal effects from RF radiation
and highlight that the ICNIRP guidelines used in most countries including Sweden do not protect human health. Guidelines
based on all biological negative effects from RF radiation are urgently needed, as well as monitoring human health, not the least
due to rapidly increasing levels of exposure. “




Image of AI art showing a smartphone

“Text to image art” created on a wired internet connection. Microwave Sickness Info. Copyright.

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On radar and radio exposure and cancer in the military setting

1. January 2023


In 2018, we reported a case series of 47 patients diagnosed with cancer following several years of exposure to high-intensity whole-body radiofrequency radiation (RFR) using the parameter of percentage frequency (PF). Consistent high and statistically significant PFs of hematolymphoid (HL) cancers were found in this group and in four previous reports on RFR-exposed groups in Belgium, Poland and Israel together with increased all-cancers rates. In this paper we report a new series of 46 young cancer patients who were exposed during military service to such radiation.”




WiFi Related Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields Promote Transposable Element Dysregulation and Genomic Instability in Drosophila melanogaster


Published: 13 December 2022

“Our findings provide evidence that WiFi related RF electromagnetic fields can induce reactive oxygen species (ROS) accumulation, genomic instability, and behavioural abnormalities. Finally, we demonstrate that WiFi radiation can synergize with RasV12 to drive tumor progression and invasion. All together, these data indicate that radiofrequency radiation emitted from WiFi devices could exert genotoxic effects in Drosophila and set the stage to further explore the biological effects of WiFi electromagnetic radiation on living organisms.”


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Judicial Review Court Hearing UK


13 december 2022

Court Hearing

The effects of long-term prenatal exposure to 900, 1800, and 2100 MHz electromagnetic field radiation on myocardial tissue of rats

16 Nov 2022

Sahin BozokErturk Karaagac https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4935-0816 erturkkaraagac@gmail.com, and Levent Tumkaya

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It is well-known that wireless communication technologies facilitate human life. However, the harmful effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation on the human body should not be ignored. In the present study, we evaluated the effects of long-term, prenatal exposure to EMF radiation on the myocardium of rats at varying durations. Overall, 18 pregnant Sprague-Dawley rats were assigned into six groups (n = 3 in each group). In all groups other than the control group, three pregnant rats were exposed to EMF radiation (900, 1800 and 2100 MHz) for 6, 12 and 24 h over 20 days. After delivery, the newborn male pups were identified and six newborn male pups from each group were randomly selected. Then, histopathological and biochemical analysis of myocardial samples were performed. When 24-h/day prenatal exposures to 900, 1800, 2100 MHz EMF radiation were evaluated, myocardial damage was greater in the 2100 MHz EMF-24h group than the other groups. In addition, when malondialdehyde (MDA) and glutathione (GSH) levels associated with reactive oxidative species (ROS) were evaluated, the MDA level was higher in the 2100 MHz EMF-24h group compared with the other groups. The GSH level was also lower in the 2100 MHz EMF-24h group. When the 6, 12 and 24 h/day prenatal exposures to 1800 MHz EMF radiation were evaluated, myocardial damage was greater in 1800 MHz EMF-24h group than the remaining groups (p < 0.0001). Also, MDA level was greater in the 1800 MHz EMF-24h group compared with the other groups while the GSH level was lower in this group. It was shown that myocardial tissue was affected more by long-term exposure to EMF radiation at high frequencies. The data raise concerns that the harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation exposure on cardiac tissue will increase with 5G technology.”





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Tumor and cell phone: the Court of Appeal of Turin indemnifies an employee

Nov 2022

In a judgment dated November 2, 2022, the Court of Appeal of Turin confirmed the decision of the first instance, condemning INAIL [Instituto nazionale Assicurazione Infortuni sul Lavoro – National Institute for Work Accident Insurance] to compensate the victim of an intracranial tumor of the acoustic neuroma linked to the use of cell phones.”


Image of legal

On radar and radio exposure and cancer in the military setting

Oct 2022



In 2018, we reported a case series of 47 patients diagnosed with cancer following several years of exposure to high-intensity whole-body radiofrequency radiation (RFR) using the parameter of percentage frequency (PF). Consistent high and statistically significant PFs of hematolymphoid (HL) cancers were found in this group and in four previous reports on RFR-exposed groups in Belgium, Poland and Israel together with increased all-cancers rates. In this paper we report a new series of 46 young cancer patients who were exposed during military service to such radiation.”




The wireless industry has lost one of its most important supporters


“James Lin has now changed sides – just like the Norwegian Televerket’s director of technology for many years, Ole Petter Håkonsen, who was an international driving force behind the development of, among other things, communication satellites and mobile telephony, before he realized about 20 years ago as a pensioner, that significant health-damaging effects had been overlooked along the way in the rush of technological excitement. “

Image of masts

Stay Connected But Protected Newsletter

November 2, 2022

“The importance of this ECI – Stay Connected but Protected – grows day by day. In addition to
signing and supporting our 23 proposals for changes in EU law and regulations – we have
suggestions for specific actions you can carry out in your own everyday life. Please read “Actions
we all can do” which is the 23 proposals transformed into daily actions we all can do.
Bear also in mind that you are a part of a huge worldwide movement. No one is alone in this fight”

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Safe Tech International Newsletter

November 2, 2022
Event Updates, Latest Resources, Articles, and Blogs

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Leszczynski reviews public health policies on EHS

13 October 2022

Dariusz Leszczynski‘s review article “The lack of international and national health policies to protect persons with self-declared electromagnetic hypersensitivity” has been just accepted for publication in the ‘Reviews on Environmental Health‘. The article reviews the current, very limited, evidence of EHS health policies. The review has taken into consideration opinions on EHS and on EHS public health policies published by: WHO, ICNIRP, IEEE-ICES, EUROPAEM, ICEMS, BioInitiative, GSMA, MWF, European Union, Nordic Countries, and governments of 17 selected countries: , Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, UK, and USA.

Link: https://betweenrockandhardplace.wordpress.com/2022/10/13/leszczynski-reviews-public-health-policies-on-ehs/?fbclid=IwAR0AJFaNyQejXSquSQ4qoZDBF_YQHHOmcnLW_hXm8ArSmNUFomO_16dsyYE

Image of Leszczynski science on EHS

CHD Urges FCC to End Discrimination Against People Disabled by Electromagnetic Sensitivity

11 July 2022

Children’s Health Defense led advocacy groups in replying to the Federal Communications Commission’s request for comments on preventing digital discrimination by urging the commission to accommodate the electromagnetically sensitive.

Link to news article: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/chd-fcc-digital-discrimination-electromagnetic-sensitivity-disabled/?utm_source=salsa&eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=aa185666-d34b-4f2e-b4eb-25a6f7d23783&fbclid=IwAR2eaCFEsnUhwh6gJjw62agEFzpdmR0oV2zg-vP7_AWykuE0Y-S923qTEB8

Link to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Microwave-Sickness-Info-111045178207886

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"Man-made electrical pulses: New research review makes radiation protection ridiculous"

Man-made electrical pulses: New research review makes radiation protection ridiculous

In a fairly recent review of research studies, a bunch of researchers (Panagopoulos et al 2021) review the research on how man-made electromagnetic fields, both electric and magnetic, affect the various channels of cell walls, and cause their opening patterns to be disturbed. In turn, this leads to cell stress, which causes oxidative damage, which in turn leads to a wide range of health problems and or disorders.

This is a literature review that will stand for a while, and plague radiation protection agencies in many countries.”


Link: https://einarflydal.com/2022/05/28/menneskeskapte-elektriske-pulser-ny-forskningsgjennomgang-gjor-stralevernet-latterlig/

Update and comments:

Man-made electrical pulsations: New research clarifies authorities’ foolishness

In a recent review of research studies, a group of researchers (Panagopoulos et al 2021) (1) review the research on how man-made electromagnetic fields, both electric and magnetic, affect the various channels in cell walls, which in turn disrupt their opening patterns. A process that leads to cell stress, and causes oxidative damage, which then leads to a wide range of health problems and disorders.”

English translation in the bottom of the page:


PubMed 2021 Nov

Panagopoulos et al


Human-made electromagnetic fields: Ion forced-oscillation and voltage-gated ion channel dysfunction, oxidative stress and DNA damage (Review)

“Abstract: Human-made electromagnetic fields: Ion forced-oscillation and voltage-gated ion channel dysfunction, oxidative stress and DNA damage (Review)

Abstractarticle-metaExposure of animals/biological samples to human-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs), especially in the extremely low frequency (ELF) band, and the microwave/radio frequency (RF) band which is always combined with ELF, may lead to DNA damage. DNA damage is connected with cell death, infertility and other pathologies, including cancer. ELF exposure from high-voltage power lines and complex RF exposure from wireless communication antennas/devices are linked to increased cancer risk. Almost all human-made RF EMFs include ELF components in the form of modulation, pulsing and random variability. Thus, in addition to polarization and coherence, the existence of ELFs is a common feature of almost all human-made EMFs. The present study reviews the DNA damage and related effects induced by human-made EMFs. The ion forced-oscillation mechanism for irregular gating of voltage-gated ion channels on cell membranes by polarized/coherent EMFs is extensively described. Dysfunction of ion channels disrupts intracellular ionic concentrations, which determine the cell’s electrochemical balance and homeostasis. The present study shows how this can result in DNA damage through reactive oxygen species/free radical overproduction. Thus, a complete picture is provided of how human-made EMF exposure may indeed lead to DNA damage and related pathologies, including cancer. Moreover, it is suggested that the non-thermal biological effects attributed to RF EMFs are actually due to their ELF components.Keywords: EMF, ion forced-oscillation, VGICs, free radicals, OS, ROS, DNA damage, cancer.”

Link: PubMed: https://fb.watch/dsAhROGkwl/


Link: Journal of Oncology: https://www.spandidos-publications.com/ijo/59/5/92



2022 May

Secretary of State to be challenged on failure to give adequate information to the public about the risks of 5G and to explain the absence of a process for investigation of any adverse health effects

We are delighted to announce that the Court of Appeal has today granted permission for our case to proceed on two grounds concerning:

1. The failure to provide adequate or effective information to the public about the risks and how, if it be possible, it might be possible for individuals to avoid or minimise the risks;

2. (a) The failure to provide adequate and sufficient reasons for not establishing a process to investigate and establish the adverse health effects and risks of adverse health effects from 5G technology and/or for discounting the risks presented by the evidence available; and/or (b) failure to meet the requirements of transparency and openness required of a public body.

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EMF Exposure and Pregnancy Risks: Here’s What the Scientific Literature Tells Us

microwave sickness

Why electrohypersensitivity and related symptoms are caused by non-ionizing man-made electromagnetic fields: An overview and medical assessment

May 2022

Prof. Dominique Belpomme

Science Direct


Electrohypersensitivity is caused by electromagnetic fields.

Electrohypersensitivity is a neurological disorder with inflammation, oxidative stress, blood brain.

barrier opening and neurotransmitter abnormalities.

Electrohypersensitivity must be defined by the decrease of brain electromagnetic fields tolerance threshold.




Elon Musk is in trouble in France due to the environmental movement and electricity hypersensitivity

12 April 2022

France withdrew the frequency license that his satellite company Starlink had obtained to expand its broadband network to French customers. 


Link to the French EHS association: 


Image of starlink satelites

Document compares science from the telecom industry with international science

A document about excerpt analysis with links to what is being told by the Directorate for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (DSA) and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) compared to what international researchers and experts in radiation and health, as well as health specialists and whistleblowers tell . By Tove Kristine Jensen.


English text added in the document.

Click on the arrow to read the whole document.

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Federal Court Instructs FCC to Review Electromagnetic Radiation Standards.

Barbara Koeppel. Federal Court Instructs FCC to Review Electromagnetic Radiation StandardsThe Washington Spectator, Mar 9, 2022.


  “For 25 years … the Federal Communications Commission has refused to revise the regulations it set in 1996 that address what level of radiation from cell phones should be considered safe.”


Image of electromagnetic pollution

5G Radiation Causes ‘Microwave Syndrome’ Symptoms, Study Finds

10 Marts 2022

5G Radiation Causes ‘Microwave Syndrome’ Symptoms, Study Finds

In the first study of its kind, Swedish researchers found 5G radiation causes typical symptoms indicative of “microwave syndrome.” The study, published in the journal Medicinsk Access, also confirmed that non-ionizing radiation — well below levels allowed by authorities — can cause health problems.


Microwave Sickness

Direct effects of EMF radiation emitted from mobile phones on pregnancy, birth, and infant outcomes

Direct effects of EMF radiation emitted from mobile phones on pregnancy, birth, and infant outcomes

16 February 2022

The findings of this review showed that EMF radiation exposure is associated with hormonal, thermal, and cardiovascular changes among adults.

Only four of the reviewed studies were conducted among pregnant women. These studies reported that EMF radiation exposure during pregnancy is associated with miscarriages and fluctuations in the fetal temperature and heart rate variability, as well as infant anthropometric measures.”

Link to the study. Heliyon: https://www.cell.com/heliyon/fulltext/S2405-8440(22)00203-1?_returnURL=https%3A%2F%2Flinkinghub.elsevier.com%2Fretrieve%2Fpii%2FS2405844022002031%3Fshowall%3Dtrue

Link to the news article: https://www.news-medical.net/news/20220216/Direct-effects-of-EMF-radiation-emitted-from-mobile-phones-on-pregnancy-birth-and-infant-outcomes.aspx?fbclid=IwAR0KWvR5oY_9M1PfuIphC_wBtoWfOIkADKBW3uwjUyL9EqQaeg-H1FuJUPk

Signatures. Europeans for Safe Connections

1 Marts 2022

On March 1 the signature collection for 1 million signatures will start in all EU countries. Many countries will arrange kick-off activities. In one way this initiative has already succeeded. It united concerned EU citizens across all EU countries creating the organisation “Europeans for Safe Connections”. “The next goal is to reach 1 million signatures. This promises to be a success as well”, says Danish coordinator Pernille Schriver. She has participated from the very beginning at a Stop 5G conference held in Switzerland in 2019. This was organized by an Italian Stop 5G group where a German started the idea of a European Stop 5G initiative

What do we want?

The initiators of this ECI are the ‘Europeans for Safe Connections’, a group of committed citizens from nearly all European countries that propose 23 new EU legislative proposals on three main areas:

  •  Protection of life from microwave radiation

  • Protection of environment from all impacts of 5G and digitalisation

  • Protection of our privacy, security and freedom


Stop (((5G))) - Stay Connected but Protected

New study:
Can Wireless radiation cause decrease in sperm count?

Why overuse of electronic devices may impact male fertility

4 Marts 2022

“Sperm ‘motility’ refers to the ability of the sperm to move. If sperm motility is poor, then the sperm is not swimming properly, which leads to infertility” said Dr Parul Gupta Khanna, Consultant and Fertility Specialist.


microwave sickness

News from PhoneGate Alert

17 Marts 2022

Mobi-kids: A fourth expert, the Japanese Masao Taki, also conceals his conflicts of interest

Masao Taki, a Japanese expert, is the fourth author of the Mobi-kids study [that analyzes the impact of wireless phones on the risk of brain tumors for young people] who has not declared his potential conflicts of interest with the mobile phone industry or his membership, until 2008, in the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP)


 25 February 2022

Mobi-kids: Daniel Krewski, an author with multiple conflicts of interest,

Is the Mobi-kids study (which analyzes the impact of wireless phones on the risk of brain tumors for young people and was published at the end of December 2021) reliable or not? Our association Phonegate Alert has the right to ask this question publicly. Indeed, our research reveals that many conflicts of interest of the authors of the Mobi-kids study are either simply hidden or underestimated. This is the case for another author of the study, Canadian scientist Daniel Krewski.”


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Microwave Sickness

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