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Wireless radiation

Political and industrial conflict of interests

Conflict of Interests

Does the telecom industry tell the truth about wireless technology and harm?

Of course not. Too much money is involved. The telecom industry has much more money than the tobacco industry would ever have imagined.

You will be surprised on how much influence the telecom industry has on politics.

You will be surprised to hear how much money is spent to pay influential persons, leaders, and scientists concerning political interests.

You will be surprised to see that the telecom industri has got the power and leadership on all important political issues concerning wireless radiation, even concerning health effects and “safety limits”.

Is the telecom industry objective concerning heath effects and “safety limits”? Of course not.

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World Health Organization, radiofrequency radiation and health - a hard nut to crack

2017 Pub Med.

By Lennart Hardell
Department of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine and Health, Sweden.

“The biophysicist Michael Repacholi from Australia was the first chairman of ICNIRP in 1992.

Repacholi was during 1996-2006 the leader of the WHO department of electromagnetic radiation, the WHO
EMF project.

Michael Repacholi immediately set up a close collaboration
between WHO and ICNIRP (being head of both organizations)
inviting the electric, telecom and military industries to meetings. He also arranged for large part of the WHO EMF project to be financed by the telecommunication industry’s lobbying
organisations; GSM Association and Mobile Manufacturers
Forum, now called Mobile & Wireless Forum.

Michael Repacholi acted like a representative for the telecom industry while responsible for the EMF health effects
department at the WHO. Since he left WHO in 2006 he has
been involved in industry propaganda video interviews with
GSM Association and Hydro Quebec where he clearly speaks in favor of the telecommunications and the power industries, respectively.
Michael Repacholi is still the Chairman emeritus at ICNIRP and has propagated during almost 20 years worldwide the ‘only thermal effect’ paradigm of health risks from RF-EMF exposure, ignoring the abundant evidence for nonthermal effects or cancer risks.
Repacholi recruited Emilie van Deventer to the WHO EMF Project in 2000. She is the current project manager at WHO for the EMF project. She has been a long time
member of the industry dominated organization Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). IEEE is the
world’s most powerful federation of engineers. The members are or have been employed in companies or organizations that are producers or users of technologies that depend on radiation frequencies, such as power companies, the telecom and the military industry. IEEE has prioritized international
lobbying efforts for decades especially aimed at the WHO.

Van Deventer is an electrical engineer. She has no formal
or earlier knowledge in medicine, epidemiology or biology, so it is surprising that she was selected for such an important position at the WHO.”

WHO uses the telecom industry and their funds on science concerning health effects


The documentary reveals that the WHO made research funded by the telecom industry “Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research (MTHR).

David Cogggan, chief scientist at the MTHR, admits that it gives a conflict of interest.

Please watch 41 minutes in the documentary.

We also has a link to this documentary on our page here: https://microwavesicknessinfo.com/index.php/wireless-harm/

Image of a MTHR document. Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research
Image of a MTHR document. Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research
Image of a MTHR document. Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research
Picture of a chief scientist from MTHR

Swisscom (telecom industry) writes

Swisscom (telecom industry) 2003: 

“The influence of electrosmog on the human body is a known problem. The health risk from mobile radio transmitters, handys and DECT telephones has been an explosive subject among the general public at least since the enormous breakthrough in mobile radio technology in the 1990s.” 

“ …When, for example, human blood cells are irradiated with electromagnetic fields, clear damage to hereditary material has been demonstrated and there have been indications of an increased cancer risk”. 

“ … These findings indicate that the genotoxic effect of electromagnetic radiation is elicited via a non-thermal pathway. Moreover aneuploidy is to be considered as a known phenomenon in the increase of cancer risk.”

(You can read more in the Responsum from lawyer Christian F. Jensen. Link: https://microwavesicknessinfo.com/index.php/emf-links/ )

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