EMF and the brain

Microwave Sickness

and other symptoms from the brain

How does wireless effect the brain?

Wireless technologies can effect the brain by giving it stress and by oxidative stress mechanisms.

It can damage the brain and this can give various symptoms.

  • Stress. Stress symptoms are common symptoms.

  • Sleeping problems.

  • The blood-brain barrier can be damaged.

  • Cells can die.

  • Cancer cells like glioma can develop. 

  • Behaviour and function can be effected like ADHD, autism ao.

  • Problems with concentrating

  • Speaking can be effected and language development can be slowed.

  • Mathematical thinking can be affected.

  • Nerves and myelin around the nerves can be damaged.

  • Inflammation in the brain.

  • Stress, irritability, and even aggression can be seen.

  • Microwave sickness is often shown by nerve pain in the brain.

  • Some get dizzy. 

Often just some or a few of these symptoms are present.


Image of radiation sickness

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Microwave Sickness

How does wireless radiation stress the brain?

You can measure on an EEG how wireless devices stress the brain.

Internal link to the test: https://microwavesicknessinfo.com/index.php/how-does-wireless-harm/

Image of microwave sickness

Read about neurological effects in The Bioinitiative Report



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Microwave Sickness

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