Tips to Reduce Your Wireless Exposure

Microwave Sickness

and how to live with it

How do I reduce the exposure?


Here are some tips and links to how you can reduce your exposure to wireless radiation:

  1. Keep a distance to the source.

  2. Hardwire your home and office.

  3. Reduce the exposure further with EMF protection products.

  4. Go out in the sun and the forest and get new energy from natural sources like the sun and fresh air.

Image of microwave sickness

How do I use technology in a safer way?

Reduce Exposure to Cell Phone Wireless Radiation: The American Academy of Pediatrics 30 Second

Reduce Cell Phone Wireless Radiation for Teenagers: Cyprus Committee on Children and the Environment


How to reduce RF, microwave exposure in your daily life.


Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D.

Tips to Reduce Your Wireless Radiation Exposure

Safety Recommendations for Children 

Who Use Digital Technologies to Study at Home

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Microwave Sickness

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