How do I live with microwave sickness?

Microwave Sickness

and how to live with it

How do I live with microwawe sickness?

There can be a huge difference in how many and how severe your symptoms are and how difficult it can be to adjust to the environment and live with the challenges.

If you´re having mild symptoms it´s easier to reduce the exposure in your life. 

Please take your symptoms sincere because if you don´t reduce your exposure you might develop new or more severe symptoms.

Some people get well or are having mild symptoms if they act fast and live with less or no wireless devices.

For some the illness can be quite disabling because wireless technologies are everywhere and the exposure can be quite high.

Some become environmental refugees in their own country. It´s important to learn that if your body is still having symptoms then you have to reduce the exposure further or you have to protect and shield yourself further. Maybe your body reacts more than you could have imagined.

Most people get surprised when they´re experiencing their first symptoms.

Microwave sickness/EHS

If the oxidative stress processes in your body are slow it can take a long time to see the connection to the source. If the oxidative stress processes are fast or you´re experiencing nerve pain it will become easier to see where the source comes from.

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Microwave Sickness

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