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Mobile phone art

Mai Andersen

Music about Microwave Sickness

Frequency Overload (You Tube Shorts)

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Mobile Phone Art

Mobile Phone Art

Connection to Brain Problems

Full Signal

Sign of the Times Art




All Set

The Antenna


Nowhere to Go


Nowhere to Go


Nowhere to go

Always on the run

Doesn’t seem like a lot of fun

Searching for a white zone

But it doesn’t exist because of that damn phone


You are hurting my brain

With this tremendous pain

I’m trying to shield my body with metal clothes

But the radiation is hitting me like a bulldoze

Continuously being ill

We´re definitely paying the bill


We`re slowly dying 

While trying

To speak to your understanding 

While demanding

Put that damn phone away

Because it`s hurting like an x-ray

The scientists are giving us the clue

They`re telling it´s all true.


Oxidative stress 

Oh, what a mess

DNA damaging effect

Will turn into defect

Alzheimer’s, stress, sleeping problems, mutation

Cell death, cancer, headaches, and dysfunction of orientation


A smart meter in every house

But do you know what happened to that mouse?

Abnormal pulse in the heart 

Is not very smart


The internet of things

But look what it brings

Everything will be easy

But quite greasy

A “smart” wireless cap

Will be the end of that rat.


In my country, brain cancer in women has now a 46 % increase

Oh, what an awful disease

What are they trying to hide

While introducing a new 5G pride

All the way into the countryside?


If you one day get glioma 

Then your life will be like living in coma


If your skin suddenly turns red

Or nothing much is functioning in your head


Your kids are getting autism

While you´re practicing your cell-phonism

I´m trying to cope with this extremism

But I´m starting to feel a bitter pessimism


Wi-Fi in schools

Without any rules

A  pupil´s “mobile cell”

Is becoming a living hell

The kids` brains absorb so much radiation

That it will lower their exam qualification

ADHS-like symptoms are not a game nor a play

But the problem is increasing, I must say

Leukaemia, I don´t even dare

To think about this nightmare

Do you even care?

Let us say goodbye 

To school Wi-Fi


See the new heads and “fabricators” attached to that dizzying Wi-Fi

While turning the blind eye

Even though they hear us cry 

What are you doing to your own kid?

While someone is making a profit


It´s you, they´re trying to deceive

So please don´t be naive

But start to leave 

A better place is what we can achieve

Get down of that pink cloud

And make me proud


Hysteria, manipulation

Simulation, misinformation

The pressure is massive 

Please don`t be passive

The situation is tensive

Telling the truth about being electric hypersensitive


An autoimmune disease 

Can turn up unexpectedly

Even when you breathe

The microwaves are a pollution  

Turning it off and using cables is the solution




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Signal Explosion

Antenna Blue Lady Phone

Bluetooth Man

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